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The Gift Guide for The First-Time Apartment Renter

No matter your stance on the age old-debate of when the holiday season starts (all opinions are valid, but the right answer is the day after Thanksgiving), there’s no question – the holiday season is well underway. And that means it’s that joyful time of year full of family, ice skating, hot chocolate, cozy blankets, and of course, gifts.

Being an adult means understanding that giving gifts can be fun – as long as you have a good idea. We all have that one friend who has perfected the art of gift giving – they give you that thing that’s exactly what you need even though you didn’t know you were missing it until the moment you open it. For the rest of us, the holidays mean hours – yes HOURS – of scrolling online, waiting for inspo to strike.

While there may not be a playbook for giving the perfect gift, Realworld is here to help with all-things adult, and that includes gifting.

The adulthood journey comes with tons of exciting firsts – first job, first apartment, first car – and there’s a lot of new things you need to go along with each milestone…things that make GREAT gifts!

One of the most exciting parts of new adulthood is moving into your first apartment. It’s YOURS, and you get to decorate it how you want. Help them make their first home feel like a sanctuary and an expression of their personal style.

Keep it clean:

  1. Gone are the days of someone else doing the cleaning, and gone are the days of the run-down college dorm. Help them keep their space clean with a cordless vacuum like the classic Dyson, or a more affordable option from Tenico (because honestly, if we have to bother plugging it in, it’s probably not gonna get used).
  2. Get the goods for countertops, bathrooms, mirrors, windows, etc, in reusable earth-friendly packaging. Cut down on wasteful single-use plastic products with blueland products (plus no need to make a trip to the store).

Get the necessities:

  1. Tale as old as time – someone makes their first meal in their new home, just to realize they don’t have any dishes. No eating straight out of the pot here, with Leeway’s entryway set. Just the basics, but make it chic.
  2. Enough of those scratchy, near-zero thread count sheets – we’re too grown for that now. Upgrade their new home to hotel-quality sheets with a set from brooklinen.
  3. One of those things you never think of until your first apartment – stocking up on paper products. Help them avoid an “oh crap” moment with a who gives a crap subscription – plus it’s saving the planet.

Make the vibe immaculate:

  1. If they need some goodies to decorate their walls, help them get it done with a gift card to Desenio
  2. The most important part of the vibe is the soundtrack – play that high-quality playlist through high-quality speakers like the Bose SoundLink Mini.
  3. Elevate their coffee game with a functional AND aesthetic pour-over coffee set like these from Chemex.
  4. For the plant-mom or plant-dad that can never get enough, try the sill to gift them their next plant-baby.
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