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The Gift Guide for the First-Time Car Buyer (or Leaser)

No matter your stance on the age old-debate of when the holiday season starts (all opinions are valid, but the right answer is the day after Thanksgiving), there’s no question – the holiday season is well underway. And that means it’s that joyful time of year full of family, ice skating, hot chocolate, cozy blankets, and of course, gifts.

Being an adult means understanding that giving gifts can be fun – as long as you have a good idea. We all have that one friend who has perfected the art of gift giving – they give you that thing that’s exactly what you need even though you didn’t know you were missing it until the moment you open it. For the rest of us, the holidays mean hours – yes HOURS – of scrolling online, waiting for inspo to strike.

While there may not be a playbook for giving the perfect gift, Realworld is here to help with all-things adult, and that includes gifting.

The adulthood journey comes with tons of exciting firsts – first job, first apartment, first car – and there’s a lot of new things you need to go along with each milestone…things that make GREAT gifts!

Purchasing or leasing a car is a big step into adulthood – both in terms of a financial commitment, and the independence to drive yourself wherever you want, whenever you want. But car ownership comes with a lot of strings attached. Help the new car-owner in your life take good care of their new ride.

  1. There’s a couple more worst-case-scenarios to prepare for once you own a car. No one wants to be caught stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery in freezing weather. Gift them a car care emergency kit from AAA, so they’re prepared in case they run into trouble on the road.
  2. While we’re at it, let’s just go all-in with AAA – gift the new car owner a AAA membership so they’re covered for road side assistance if they need help.
  3. For car owners in colder climates, it’s that time of year when you need to leave a few extra minutes in the morning to get all the ice and snow off the car. One day we’ll all have indoor garage parking (we can dream big at least) – until then, make it the de-icing process easier with the Snow Joe.
  4. Make driving a pleasant experience for the driver and all of their passengers with actually good-smelling car air fresheners from Homesick.
  5. If the new car owner in your life wants to express their personal flare on their new car, give them some redbubble window stickers to show off their style while cruising around town.
  6. Let’s be honest, car keys are just one more thing to misplace at the bottom of a purse, or between couch cushions. Make sure the new car owner in your life can’t blame running late to work on lost car keys with tile trackers (traffic can still be a good excuse though).
  7. Everyone is 100% reliant on google maps to get them where they want to go at all times – no shame. But holding your phone in one hand and driving with the other isn’t gonna cut it anymore. Get the new car owner an iOttie phone car mount so they can use maps while keeping both hands firmly at 10 & 2!
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