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The Gift Guide for the Full-Time Job First-Timer

No matter your stance on the age old-debate of when the holiday season starts (all opinions are valid, but the right answer is the day after Thanksgiving), there’s no question – the holiday season is well underway. And that means it’s that joyful time of year full of family, ice skating, hot chocolate, cozy blankets, and of course, gifts.

Being an adult means understanding that giving gifts can be fun – as long as you have a good idea. We all have that one friend who has perfected the art of gift giving – they give you that thing that’s exactly what you need even though you didn’t know you were missing it until the moment you open it. For the rest of us, the holidays mean hours – yes HOURS – of scrolling online, waiting for inspo to strike.

While there may not be a playbook for giving the perfect gift, Realworld is here to help with all-things adult, and that includes gifting.

The adulthood journey comes with tons of exciting firsts – first job, first apartment, first car – and there’s a lot of new things you need to go along with each milestone…things that make GREAT gifts!

Once they’ve nailed the interview and landed the position, there’s a whole new set of things they’ll need to crush it on the job. Set them up for success in the corporate world with a gift that will be all the rage at the water cooler.

  1. Needing a good work outfit doesn’t end with the interview – now it’s time for a whole work clothes wardrobe! An Oak + Fort subscription nails it here too.
  2. Finish off the polished professional look with a classic, high quality briefcase or tote bag. Consider Maverick & Co., or von Holzhausen if vegan leather is more their jam.
  3. If they aren’t already a total coffee addict, their first 9-5 is sure to clinch the habit. Help them avoid the watery yet also burnt coffee from the coffee pot that’s been hanging out in the office kitchen since 1982 with a subscription to trade coffee.
  4. They’ll need a way to transport that high-quality coffee from home, plus their lunches too if they’re on that meal-prep grind. Stojo has travel mugs and tupperwear that are collapsable, leak proof, chemical-free, dishwasher safe, and earth-friendly: win-win-win-win-win.
  5. Their first job is just step #1 on a longer career journey – help them reflect on where they are and where they want to go with the poketo quarterly career planner journal.
  6. If a hard-copy planner isn’t going to cut it for this digital native, or they need to level-up planning and organization-wise, the reMarkable tablet may be just the tool to blow their minds.
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