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The Gift Guide for the New Grad

No matter your stance on the age old-debate of when the holiday season starts (all opinions are valid, but the right answer is the day after Thanksgiving), there’s no question – the holiday season is well underway. And that means it’s that joyful time of year full of family, ice skating, hot chocolate, cozy blankets, and of course, gifts.

Being an adult means understanding that giving gifts can be fun – as long as you have a good idea. We all have that one friend who has perfected the art of gift giving – they give you that thing that’s exactly what you need even though you didn’t know you were missing it until the moment you open it. For the rest of us, the holidays mean hours – yes HOURS – of scrolling online, waiting for inspo to strike.

While there may not be a playbook for giving the perfect gift, Realworld is here to help with all-things adult, and that includes gifting.

The adulthood journey comes with tons of exciting firsts – first job, first apartment, first car – and there’s a lot of new things you need to go along with each milestone…things that make GREAT gifts!

For lots of people, finishing school and graduating feels like the real plunge into adulthood. The training wheels are off, and it’s all you. It’s exhilarating, it’s exciting – it’s a little terrifying? Here are some gifts to help the new grad in your life face being a “real” adult head-on.

Step 1: Get those finances in tip-top shape!

  1. Income, monthly bills, and savings goals may be brand new for the new grad – time to keep track with a subscription to a budgeting and financial tracking tool, like YNAB.
  2. Keeping track of money doesn’t have to be all doom & gloom – give them somewhere chic to stash the cash. For a classic style consider WP Standard, or nimalist for your fancy techie friend.
  3. Start the new grad’s nest egg early and lean into the miracle of compounding interest by funding an initial deposit and setting up an IRA account. Plus, saving for retirement doesn’t have to be dull as rocks when you can invest in the brands you love with Stash’s fractional shares.

Step 2: Self-care!

  1. Time for a dose of harsh reality – you can’t age backwards. But, your skin doesn’t have to show it. The secret to the no-wrinkles-to-be-seen-here, smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom skin? Sunscreen. So slather up, and protect that skin – try supergoop’s unseen sunscreen, or lean into retro vibes with’s.
  2. Secret #2 to holding on to youth & beauty (plus other health benefits too) – staying hydrated! Plus, fight plastic waste by investing in a high-quality glass water bottle. Waterdrop’s are so aesthetically-pleasing, a new grad will want to take it everywhere.
  3. Time to find that healthy routine – for both physical & mental health! It’s harder to get steps in when you’re sitting at a desk all day. If the new grad in your life needs at-home access to all sorts of workout classes, a peloton app membership might be just the thing.
  4. No matter how prepared you are, adult life comes with ups and downs. Another tool for staying mentally healthy – mindfulness! Help your new grad get some zen with a subscription to headspace.
  5. On top of caring for your mind, you gotta look out for the bod too! Finding a good doc, scheduling appointments, following up – it’s a lot! Make it streamlined, plus make sure the new grad gets A+ support from their doc with a One Medical membership.
  6. Once you’re no longer force-fed a steady diet of textbooks in class anymore, it’s on you to keep that reading habit going strong. There’s something refreshing about reading a physical book the old-fashioned way. Get physical copies of the latest best-sellers with the book of the month club, delivered to your door.

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