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Like many twenty-somethings, our founder Genevieve made some pretty avoidable mistakes when she started her first “real job” after graduation. She was fortunate to get a great education, and was a trained lawyer with her MBA, but with all that education, you would think she could handle most “adulting” decisions, right? Wrong. When she was handed paperwork for her 401(k) and health insurance, she realized that she was “educated,” but underprepared to navigate life as a young adult.

This was hugely frustrating—how had she never learned any of these things in school? As the oldest child in her family without an older sibling to give her the play-by-play, she turned to Google to figure out the answers to the questions she didn't even know she had (think: concepts like credit, APRs, deductibles, and premiums).

But here's the thing—as soon as she started asking her friends about these questions and their own experience transitioning into life post-grad, she realized that she wasn't alone. No one learns this stuff in school and it's almost a rite of passage to muddle through early adulthood and figure these things out on your own. Most people just broke down and called their parents with questions—if they had parents they could turn to for this type of thing. It was this giant, painful, but private problem.

And what's more, there wasn't a great solution out there. Whether figuring out which health insurance plan to sign up for, actually enrolling in 401(k), or filing taxes, there wasn't one place you could go to find personalized information and trusted resources to tell you what you didn’t know you need to do.

So that's what we set out to build—a platform to streamline and simplify the complex and unknown tasks of adulthood in a way that would educate and empower the next generation to make smart financial, health, and life decisions.

Before a line of code was written, we interviewed thousands of people to make sure this wasn’t just an “us problem.” (It’s not.) Then, we transformed that collective insight into the comprehensive, personalized platform you see today.

And we’re always working to make it even better. We’re a hardworking, fun-loving, savvy team of researchers, information organizers, writers, animators, lawyers, strategists, graphic designers, marketers, educators, and engineers working to build the product we wish we had when we were younger.

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